Here are some things that have brought me much joy over the last few months.
Happy (late) Christmas and New Years everyone!

Lovely picnics (organic wine, dark chocolate, fresh bread, and camembert)

On top of mountains with views like this

After a wonderful hike full of scenery like this:

Awesome Japanese Pottery

To be enjoyed with Organic tea

The most simple and perfect dessert, made with love at home

Japanese New Years Sweets (all gluten free, made with brown rice flour)

Fat orange cats:

Delicately wrapped Japanese fruit preserves

Spending Christmas with my sweetie in Japan, enjoying walks around places like this:

Appreciating the small things that are different from Canada...
like flowers that bloom in December:

and Little shrines that pop up everywhere

And things from Canada that are useful in Japan...
Green scarves that keep you really warm:

And finally, small, quiet onsens I enjoyed everyday over my winter break.

I hope you all find happiness in the small things, and have a wonderful New Year!