Time sure does fly...

when you're moving to another country in 15 days.


Even though I haven't been posting lately, I have been reading your blogs! I roll out of bed, have some tea and read blogs; it feels like the only quiet time I get these days. Then after a whirlwind of running errands, practicing, teaching, and studying, my day is over, and i'm that much closer to leaving!

But, I've still been enjoying some simple yet satisfying eats:

I've been in the mood for buckwheat again these days. I usually buy Kasha (roasted/toasted buckwheat), and just cook it on the stove and eat it like porridge. I made extra a few days ago, and had some the next day, heated up like soup in some vegetable stock (basically just carrot and daikon water), with a bit of toasted sesame oil added after:

I have been trying to eat lots of vegetables. I'll be honest: sometimes I hate cutting up veggies. It just seems like too much work. I go for a few days without eating very many, and I think "wow, this is so much easier." But then I get my brain back, eat a few veggies, and realize how much I LOVE them. They make me feel so good!!! When you eats lots of veggies, you crave them!

Here's a random salad from a bit ago:

And here is a weird dinner mix (and blurry photo, sorry) of salad mixed with avocado and lemon hand-mashed a la heather. So creamy and yummy! Some salmon with lemon and dill, served in a lettuce leaf, and also some "hippie sushi" made of simply brown rice, rice vinegar, and dulse flakes, wrapped in nori. So good!

And here is a treat: berries, a few banana slices, some coconut milk, and some cinnamon and cocoa nibs to top it all off. Delicious:

As I try and sift through various (and apparently useless) doctor's advice regarding my hormone troubles, I am more and more drawn towards solving things with diet and perhaps a few supplements...rather than taking hormones. As I mentioned before, I have PCOS, at least some form of it, and also recently found out that I have some things going on with my insulin production. These things together definitely explain why I have been feeling the way I have, BUT, so far, the only options from my doctors are to go back on the pill---which i'm not ready to do yet. Macrobiotics would probably recommend a brown rice fast for a few days or a week, but with my insulin levels being all weird, i'm hesitant to go in that direction. Other sources recommend ALL veggies, which i'm also hesitant to do. So for now, I feel like i'm treading water, not getting anywhere! I am still seeing my acupuncturist though, and trying some new chinese herbs. Hopefully they will work!!! Please send me some luck, ladies!

So a long time ago I mentioned some books that I was reading. I also promised some Book Reviews:

Well, let's start out with my favourite, for today:

Michael Pollan's In Defense of Food: did this guy read my mind, and then write such an eloquent, fascinating book, while delivering such IMPORTANT information!?? If you haven't read this book, you NEED to! It will change the way you view what we call "food."

His simple advice is so true: Eat food, not too much, mostly plants. If you don't have time to read the book, just keep these few words in mind, and think about what "food" really is.

Is food that slimfast shake with 3 million ingredients? Is it the low-fat baked organic cheesy puffs? Is your low-carb lean cuisine truly food?

This book jived so well with what I love about macrobiotics: simple food. True food. Whole grains, good fat, grass-fed meat, fish, lots of vegetables, a bit of fruit--now that is what I call food.

Not only does Pollan address what food is, but he talks about the culture of food. Why do we eat what we eat? Where did we learn to eat this way? And how do we eat it?? There is so much more to eating than simply what you put in your mouth. Again, macrobiotics is on the same page: eat slowly and enjoy your meal. Chew well. Make eating an occasion to celebrate. And don't skimp on your food Pollan notes, we in the Western world spend far less on food, and spend way less time eating it, than our beautiful European friends (and yet we wonder why they can eat such delicious rich food and stay slim?). The secret is moderation my friend.

And yes. I need to work on this. I need to SLOW down. Because how can I expect my tummy to happily digest my meal, if I inhale it at warp speed, while typing, listening to music, and talking on the phone? DUH. Get a brain, Jess.

Instead of thinking just about ingredients, we need to think about the whole experience of eating: the energy you put in while cooking, serving, and then chewing and eating, gets transferred into the food, and then, into you. Do you want rushed chaotic mindless energy inside you? Or you do want peaceful, intentional, and appreciative energy to resonate within? I know what I want...and I know that I have my work cut out for me.

Pollan says so much more than I could possibly go into here. He talks about different ancestral diets, supplements, organics, our history of eating and how we in North America have come to consider processed packaged lab-created ingredients "food."

This book appealed to me on all levels: as a philosophy student (especially interested in science, technology and society), as a girl who loves food, and thus of course has some food issues, as someone who feels like macrobiotics speaks a lot of truth, and as someone who is living in a continent where obesity, diabetes, and heart disease is getting worse.

I chewed through this book at lightening speed. Haha...oh dear, bad play on words. But seriously, I couldn't put it down.

I'm about to leave for a lovely lunch with a friend. And to honour Pollan's message, I'm going to really enjoy eating some home-cooked, real food...slowly...and i'll savor the whole experience, because we are not just what we eat, but we are how we eat it and enjoy it, as well.

have a lovely weekend!!