"The voice of the sea speaks to the soul"

I love the ocean. Whenever I visit the coast, I feel as though I am coming home. The salty air, the ocean breeze, sound of the birds and the waves, and the overwhelming power of nature that the ocean radiates draws me in, and I feel as though I am experiencing a separate plane of existence. This visit to the coast was no exception, and I know without a doubt that I have to live by the ocean one day. Does anyone else ever get this feeling when they visit the ocean?

T and I throughoughly enjoyed our ocean adventure. We went sailing with his dad (on the boat he built) for just over a week, moving between islands as we felt like it. We stopped in harbors some nights, and other times we just pulled into a random bay or cove on an island we liked.

It was wonderful! I even managed to get some yoga in while we were in a really quiet cove the day after we got there. T rowed me to shore and I practiced on a rock, David Swenson style:

Sans mankini, and slightly less amazing, of course ;)

We sailed, hiked, fished (no luck except for a dogfish shark...eeek!), found some fresh clams for dinner, ate fresh raspberries, swam, and had an overall really beautiful time.

I took this trip as an opportunity to practice living some yoga philosophy:

* listen to my body, and its need for REST: I slept for 13 hours one night, and didn't feel guilty at all about it!
* practice the art of letting go:
- I worked on letting go of worrying about what to eat (i.e., stopped
thinking like this: which foods will upset me? what if i'm eating too much
- stopped worrying about practicing yoga 6 days a week. This is very
unrealistic when you are living on a sailboat, and are forced to do yoga
outside(beautiful, but not always possible with rainy weather). Also, yoga
should not be forced. It should be enjoyed, and it should be something
that just comes to you.
* tried to be very positive about everything, and enjoy every new experience that came my way (like peeing in a bucket on a sailboat ;) ) haha..

I tried to be very accomodating with my crazy eating habits, and ended up eating oatbran and peanut butter for breakfast, snacked on fruit (probably too much, but I had limited options!!), and made veggies whenever we had them. My favourite part was the fresh clams we dug up for dinner. Mmmm!

On cortes island, I found this exciting new nut butter/spread:

It is simply raw brown sesame seeds and cashews:

And also some spelt bread:

I made a wonderful sandwich with both, along with some avocado and fresh baby kale. Delicious:

Here was a delicious veggie dinner we made, consisting of steamed veggies plus avocado, dulse, and some lemon juice:

After the sailing adventure, T and I left his dad, and had a little adventure of our own, taking the train down Vancouver Island, and making our way to one of my favourite places: Saltspring Island. The best part of our adventure was all the new food!! mmm!!

Hi. My name is jess, and my favourite part of travelling is trying new food. There. I said it. Am I silly for loving food so much?

I get so excited to try out new markets and cafes, and don't even get me started on restaurants. This time, I decided to really let go and stop worrying so much about my belly.

At the farmer's market on saltspring island, I found a homemade gluten free bakery stand. I had some bread. And it rocked my world. If you know me well, you'll know that it is a rare and delightful occasion if I have any flour-based products. Partly because I'm allergic to wheat (which makes it difficult), and partly because I just don't do so well with floury products. But goodbye sad belly worrying jess, and hello on vacation enjoying the market jess!

I present to you, a wholegrain baguette made of: brown rice flour, and hand milled millet, and quinoa flour. Heaven on earth:

We topped it off with: organic local blue cheese... Yep, that's right. I had some dairy. And it tasted really really good.

And fresh organic sprouts at our friend's stand, harvested the night before:

Pretty frickin' amazing sandwich.

I obviously hated it:

Holy cow. Best day of my life (well, almost)!

I finished off with a real treat: A brown rice/quinoa/millet gluten free gingersnap cookie!!

We also munched on some freshly sprouted peanuts. So yummy!

Oh my. What a wonderful day in the sun, with local organic food, and great company.

I even went a little crazy and had a latte (well, okay, a few lattes) with local espresso and MILK. My belly wasn't the happiest, but my taste buds sure were. You only live once, right? Sometimes its okay to splurge, and you know what, it felt right to do just that on this trip.

The only sad part of the trip was saying goodbye to my old friends:

After almost 3 years, hiking through south america, camping, sailing, lots of walking, one repair, one worn out sole, and finally two times having the toe piece rip out, it was a sad farewell into the garbage can. *tear*

Well my friends. There were many more delightful food adventures enjoyed on my trip, but sometimes you just need to enjoy it as it is happening, and put the camera away. You can use your imagination to picture the seafood soup, gelato, and macrobiotic brown rice and steamed veggie bowl topped with peanut miso sauce, that I enjoyed.

What is your favourite part of holidays/vacations/traveling? Do you love trying new food as much as I do?