Chocolate Green Smoothie

Wanna know how to make a chocolate green monster smoothie...with no chocolate (or cocoa)??

Do ya?? Do ya really??

Okay. Fine. I'll tell you: simply add the most exciting ingredient ever:

Fresh Organic Chocolate Mint!

Try it out, you won't be disappointed:

Green Monster Makes a New Friend: Chocolate

1 granny smith
1 gala apple (or whatever)
a huge handful of spinach (make that more like 4-5 huge handfuls?)
a squeeze of lemon
4 chocolate mint leaves (ripped up)
1 tbsp coconut oil
a whole whack of strawberries
some water

cut it up. blend it up.

do it. i promise you'll be happy. I sure was: I drank the whole blender-full before yoga. and i'd do it again :)
anyone else ever tried chocolate mint leaves? what'd you do with them?

I'm having visions of coconut milk chocolate mint ice cream dancing through my head...

|that's all for now pals, hopefully i'll be back for real soon|