I'll take some oats with a side of oats, please.

Yesterday, while making my brown rice I thought i'd double check that my old rice cooker really was as crappy wonderful as I remembered it being.

My test? Let's use up some whole oat groats that wouldn't fit into my glass storage jar, and try em' in the rice cooker to save time! This is also my first step in Maggie's clean the pantry challenge for June!

Rice cooker still shitty lovely? yep...leaking water all over the counter!
Oats still delicious? you know they were.

Usually I make my oats with an overnight quick cook and then soaking method that is in most macrobiotic books. Whole oats made this way gives you the absolute most creamy oatmeal EVER. But it does definitely require a lot more prepping and cooking time. I'll post this recipe soon though, so keep an eye out.

This time I thought i'd make em' much less creamy, and more like rice! Result:

This morning, I had a nice bowl of plain and simple chia oatbran, and topped it with some whole oat groats! (pic is obviously pre-topping!). With it, I had dulse flakes, flax oil, and sprouted pumpkin seeds.

So delicious!

Last week I got a beautiful wooden bamboo spoon, fork, and knife set. I figured if anyone out there appreciates this as much as I do, it will be you lovely foodie readers!

Naturally, I tried it out first with a bowl of green oats. So wonderful, in every possible way.

For the natural doctor I'm seeing, I am supposed to write a list of all the foods I eat in a day...I wonder what his reaction will be when I try and describe my messy green slop that I call breakfast? hehehe.

My bamboo spoon was the perfect addition to my breakfast ritual. So far it has made every meal even more delightful! In macrobiotics and lots of other healthy eating sites I've read, it is recommended that you should try to make your meal entirely enjoyable: from the care you put in preparation, to the presentation and serving dish, and finally in slowly savoring each bite (I need to work on slowing down, haha). Thank you bamboo spoon for adding to my eating enjoyment! Do you have a favourite spoon/utensil that makes your meal that much better?