Best Breakfast EVER!

Mmmmm!! Wow. I just finished one of the happiest breakfasts I have ever had. After seeing Coco's new adventure the other day, I was inspired to take her lead, and to combine two other great ladies breakfast ideas: Following Maggie, I decided to make the greenest oats ever by using kabocha as well as greens! And then I decided to try out my new ingredient of the week, and add some Chia seeds to my porridge, like Heather is so fond of.

Here's what I did:
I didn't have any oatbran, or cooked rice, so I decided to start off with of Bob's Red Mill Creamy Brown Rice Farina. I used about 1/2 cup (two of their measly little servings!), and added it to about 2 cups of boiling water.

In the meantime, I steamed ~1/3 of a kabocha, and a big carrot. Once that was done, I used the hand blender to make a puree of the two.

When the brown rice cereal was almost done cooking, I added in 2 giant collard leaves all diced up. I then used the hand blender to blend in the cooked collards with the rice, and once that was blended added pureed squash/carrot.

After that, I stirred in two giant tablespoons of chia seeds, and let the whole sloppy mess sit for 15 minutes, while I made T his breakfast.

The result of my experiment?

The most delicious, and thick GREEN ricey/squashy delicious breakfast ever!

I had a huge bowl, and topped it off with flax oil and dulse flakes:

And then I had the bit that was left in the pan with some more flax oil and cinnamon.

I can't wait to do more Green Grains with Chia seed combinations, mostly because it will be so delicious, but also because maybe then i'll get to witness T's face twist into another look of disgust, as he says "What the ____ are you eating for breakfast? You're sooo weird!!" I almost got him to try it though...almost :)

Anyone have any other wacky combination ideas?
Thanks all you ladies for your inspiration! DELICIOUS!

I also made a delicious strawberry kanten that I'll post about soon. I'm off to enjoy my day off with T. We hope to go for a long walk and maybe a picnic! Happy Saturday Lovelies.