A veggie-filled week full of Japanese characters.

Well folks, I just completed a week of eating LOTS and lots of veggies. I still ate some brown rice, but lowered the amount a bit, and upped the greens. Overall, I feel pretty good. I definitely like eating a lot of veggies, but my energy was a bit down, and just not as consistent. I guess my heart still lies with the whole grains. I'm going to resume eating more grains this week, and see if my energy is more stable again.

I also have been practicing my Japanese! Woot woot! I have learned pretty well, two of three alphabets (hiragana and katakana). Now I just have to get better at recognizing words, instead of just one character per time on flashcards. I love makes me feel like i'm in elementary school again, but heck...they worked then, so why mess with something that great? I found them most helpful when I was taking Spanish lessons as well.Anyone else have any study tricks for memorizing?

I have also been eating some green apples these past days, as they are good for stimulating the liver (and heck, I'll use any excuse to sink my teeth into delicious apples...granny smith are my fav!). Good news: no bloating! Yay!! Also, perhaps the liver cleansing theory is correct, as my skin has been better after eating those apples, and taking some spoonfuls of olive oil/lemon juice mix (yick...but it makes me feel great). I think my body is balancing wonderfully. No bloating, even with fresh fruit and vegetables (these things used to be REALLY hard on my tummy).

I'm with Maggie though, and have cut down drastically on sugar, and now notice it so much more! After not eating fruit for over a week, those green apples were amazing at first...but left me feeling really unsatisfied after. I'd totally rather have a lovely bowl of...


with way too much cinnamon (i know, i have an addiction).

My re-discovered new favourite food is broccoli.

It was my favourite part of last week's frequent stir-frys.

I've also made my guy some lovely macrobiotic eats:

Soba Noodle Salad. A recipe I created, which I will be sure to enjoy in a week, when my month of brown rice is over.

Some seaweed salads for us both:

Another Macrobiotic Soba Dish, different seasonings this time:

ooh! ooh! And my newest the old Italian deli I worked at:

Kelp "Candies"! (actually, they're just kelp, no candy, and i know: why were they at an italian deli? oh well)

Unfortunately, they're a bit "hairy" and look like this:

I thought these things tasted wonderful! My guy (referred to as T, from now on), almost barfed...but hey, more for me, right?

If anyone is interested in the recipes above, i'll post them up soon, just let me know.

I also had a lovely Mother's Day today. I made my momma a snacky-late lunch this afternoon, with a Chai latte and some goodies. Hopefully i'll post some picture tomorrow. There really is no one like your mom, eh?