Long time no....blogging?

Hello all you beautiful people!

I have been crazily busy this week. Two teachers at my studio were away, so I was teaching yoga left and right! Good news: every class I teach, I end up loving teaching even more. There is definitely a learning curve, and I think I have finally settled in. I feel more grounded in my teaching, and much more confident. Yay for yoga!!

As far as eats these past few days go, I was very undecided about the only rice, or the only veggie thing. I tried on friday to do just veggies....and by noon I was sooo grumpy!! Hahaha. My guy was like "eat some rice. Now." So how could I refuse? I definitely need my complex carbs.

Since then, I have been eating LOTS of veggies, but have been including grains when I feel like it, and lots and lots of kabocha squash. Maggie...I love you!!! Steamed Kabocha is AMAZING, and takes WAY less time to make than when its baked in the oven. I'm so happy to eat my favourite favourite favourite veggie in another way.

Today I tried some yams! Not so macrobiotic....but only live once, right? hahaha. I usually avoid anything potato like, because they give me major puff belly, and I end up just feeling kinda yucky. BUT, I haven't had yams in a long time, and they looked really appealing at the grocery store, so wish me luck...I think I can already see my belly enlarging :)

I have also been eating some brussel sprouts, and I always forget how much I like them. Mmmmmmm!
On the hormone front I'm going to try taking some raspberry leaf tea, which I read is really great for my specific problem. I'll let you all know if it ends up helping.

Overall, I'm feeling really great after mega-dosing on veggies these past few days, and eating very simply for the past few weeks! I almost couldn't believe it that I am already half done my month of very simple eating! I'll be adding some more stuff back into my diet soon, because I want to make sure I get my protein...I just need to take it slow, because my stomach is very sensitive. Also, variety is the spice of can't really be happy eating JUST brown rice and the same veggies day after day. A wide variety of grains, beans, veggies, fish and a little bit of fruit is just what my body likes. And a bit of cocoa (and dark chocolate), of course.'s really nice outside, so I think i'm going to catch some sun! With the weather getting nicer, I just feel so much lighter! I love walking outside in the summer, especially in the early morning. What is your favourite summer activity?