Japanese Market and a Kanten

Yay!! I love going to the Japanese Market. I went there today, and picked up some marvelous treats:

I came home with some dry-roasted chestnuts (mmm, i love chestnuts...anybody else love em' too?), and salted seaweed that you soak and then eat in soups, salads, whatever. I also got some soba noodles for my guy (I can't eat them because they have wheat in them as well as buckwheat), a few cute dishes for when we make sushi at home, and some perilla leaves which are used in lots of Japanese cooking. Oh! And I got a can of crushed pear juice for my guy too.

I also made a kanten a few days ago, and have one cooling in the fridge right now too! Usually I pour it overtop of berries or fruit, but I made a simple plain one with green tea, some kombucha green tea, and lemon. It was nice! Not as flavourful as I hoped, but I'm hoping the one I'm making this time will be better. Today I used strawberry, mandarin, and lemongrass tea! Simply boil it with some agar-agar flakes, and let set like Jello!

Eats have been pretty basic these past few days, some brown rice, seaweed, and veggies:

After concern from a bunch of you, I'm still thinking over this week of simple eating. We'll see what happens. I'll keep you posted, and thank you all for your advice, it is MUCH appreciated. I'm just trying to get a good reading from my body, and trying to let it tell me what to do!

Have a wonderful week. Any exciting new food purchases for any of you?