A week of what??

So I have been doing a lot of consideration about this "only rice" vs. "only steamed veggies" week, and well, I'm kind of stuck. Last year, my body absolutely loved the week of only brown rice. I felt refreshed, and energized after, my tummy problems were gone, and I went back to eating veggies and protein with no problem. This year though, i'm dealing with lots of different imbalances, and my body FEELS different. So maybe I should try a different approach? And just a note, I do add some flax oil and herbs to the brown rice AND/OR veggies, so that I am getting some fat, and making it more tasty!

I am definitely eating some brown rice now still. Here was my breakfast/lunch today:

I think, that starting this friday, I will try the only steamed veggies. I will try it, and not promise to stick with it. I am going to listen to my body, and see how it does for just a DAY, or maybe a few days. I am very active, and frankly, I just don't see how I can sustain myself on just veggies...but I am willing to give it a shot. If I feel amazing (after eating 3 billion pounds of veggies, haha), then I might try it for another day. If I try the veggie idea, and it just doesn't feel right, then I may go for the week of only brown rice. Until then, I am just eating my whole grains (brown rice), flax oil, seaweed, and veggies, with an emphasis on veggies. Protein and I have a bad relationship at the moment, and I am trying to balance everything out so that my body can happily eat protein, and not feel awful after!

**I am doing this one week of very very minimal eating, because based on MY experience with my body last year, it was AMAZING...FOR ME. I am not doing this permanently; I do not consider it to be a "healthy way of eating" and I do not recommend it to ANYONE else. I have lots of crazy residual birth control problems, and one area that is a problem for me is my liver. My week of simple eating will be combined with some gentle liver cleansing, and I am under the guidance of a certified naturopath. The purpose of it, is to bring some balance back into my liver, and to me! As Heather so intelligently posted, we are ALL different, and we know what works for our bodies. Eat what is right for you, not just what other people are eating/doing!

Is there something that you do that works amazingly well for your body, but is different than from what most people do??

Have a wonderful week all, and I'll let you know what happens with my veggie experiment.