A Simple Day

Good Evening Everyone! I hope your weekend was lovely, and that you all managed to relax and find some downtime.

I have now finished a week of eating very macrobiotically, and I feel great! I was going to start a week of only steamed veggies this morning, but when I woke up, I found some brown rice in the fridge, and well...brown rice or steamed veggies first thing in the morning? I opted for the brown rice.

I went to practice, and it was GREAT today: the room was super packed and sweaty, and I had a really intense practice. I felt like I was able to go really easily into some of the postures that are more challenging for me. Right away after practicing, I taught a class (I had just enough time to change, throw some water on my face, and put on some new deodorant, haha). After that I was quite tired, and definitely hungry!

The plan was to come home and eat some steamed daikon and greens. Which I did. But then my stomach was like: "dude, where's the brown rice?" and I was like "uh oh, don't feel like making any" so my solution (totally against the all greens idea): I decided to make some Bob's Red Mill creamy rice hot cereal. It is basically just ground up whole grain brown rice. Closest thing I had to actual brown rice, and very quick to make!

I had a wonderful bowl of it, topped with some flax oil, toasted nori, and some dulse flakes. Mmmmmmm. It was sooo good. After that I was super energized to do mad amounts of laundry!

I don't know how I will possibly survive a week of only steamed greens and daikon. Honestly...I think i'm going to think this one over for a few more days, and just continue to eat some brown rice as well as my veggies. Last year my body just LOVED the only brown rice week...So I really am tempted to just do that. BUT, my TCM/acupuncturist does know a lot, and has been sorting out my body imbalances, so maybe I should just suck it up, and eat my veggies for a week? I'll get back to you all on this one!

Have any of you ever tried a week of eating very very simply? like just rice? I'm not a fan of juice fasts, but am open to other types!

And, just as a disclaimer, I know that this is NOT a healthy way to EAT. That is why it is scheduled in for a limited time, as a week of CLEANSING, and is not proposed as a permanent diet/way of eating, rather a method to "clear out" the body and let the organs have a bit of a rest so that they can recover. I am not a nutritionist, and am only speaking / posting from my personal experiences with food and macrobiotics. Right now i'm happy just eating very whole grain and veggie like.