Oh Hormones, Where Art Thou?

Well, after all this acupuncture and TCM herbs, I have been really positive that I was finally going to get my cycle back on track. I was so certain I was going to get my period this week...but, so far, not yet :( Whenever I get upset about not getting my period, I almost always smile, because I should feel lucky that I don't have to deal with it! BUT, my hormones feel so out of balance, that I find myself desperately wanting it, just to even everything out! I guess almost 9 months without it can make a girl a bit crazy!

In the spirit of wonderful Maggie's post about the pill, and her decision to go off of it, I decided I would do another post just about my experience with the pill and my thoughts about going off of it!

Despite all the crazy stuff I discussed in my previous post, about what happened to my body after going off of the pill, I am still so glad that I went off of it.

I am one of the weird people who gains weight after going off the pill...and even though this weight is very stubborn, and won't seem to leave me, haha, I don't regret my decision for a second! Even though I have had bloating problems since going off the pill, I don't regret my decision for a second. Should I say it again? I don't regret going off of the pill for one second!

I wanted to stop taking the pill because it was doing lots of weird things to my body:
* my hair was thinning a bit
* I was oh so moody
* I may or may not have been a grump...lots...haha
* my sodium / potassium balance was out of whack!
* I developed a heart arrhythmia
* I experienced a loss of libido
And, overall, I just didn't like the idea of taking hormones everyday. It just seemed so UN-natural to me.

So I went off of it! Along with the bad stuff (weight gain, bloating, NO period for 8.75 months and counting), came lots of WONDERFUL things:
* I am no longer moody!
* I am back to being my goofy self
* my hair is actually GROWING back
* my skin is back to being nice! The pill actually made my skin worse
* my sodium / potassium balance is back on track
* and let's just say that loss of libido has vanished ;)

I was on the pill for ~5 years. I was on alesse for 4.5 years, and then YASMIN for about 0.5 years. After going off the pill, I did a bunch of research, and found some scary stuff! This link is mostly about YASMIN, but even if you aren't on that pill, just reading all the crazy stuff that A PILL can do to women is eyeopening!

So, even though I'm bummed about my weight gain (despite no exercise or diet changes), I am so glad to be back in my natural state....even if I first have to work through the natural disaster the pill created in my body!

I'm still crossing my fingers that once I have a period again, my weight will go back to normal. My doctors have given me prescriptions for a whole wack of hormones to take for 10 days to kick start my cycle. I have not taken these yet, because I want to wait and see if my body can heal itself on its own...without MORE hormones (duh...I didn't want hormones, that's why I stopped taking the pill!). Some days I get a bit worried, and I've almost taken the hormones a few times, but I think i'll give TCM and acupuncture at least one more month. I think my body needs to learn on its own to create the right hormones. Any thoughts from you gals on this one?

So hormones are crazy things! They can control us, and we can drastically change our bodies for better or worse, by taking them. I'm definitely on my own little hormone adventure this year, and all I can say is that I'm hoping for the best, and that I feel SO much better mentally without them!

What are your feelings about the pill? Have you ever experienced any similar symptoms going on or going off of it?