Pea Shoots, New moons, and Snow! Oh my!

Hello all you lovelies,

I have been M.I.A. these last few days: busy busy with yoga teaching, cleaning / re-organizing the apartment, and running around.

I have been really diligent with my "health plan" or clean eating, and I feel great! My tummy problems are getting better: I think the acupuncture, herbs, and simple eating is definitely helping!

My eats have been very unimaginative these past few days. Mostly the usual good stuff: brown rice, seaweed, sunflower and pumpkin seeds, kabocha(mmm), kale, and collards. And of course, a few green apples, a pear or two, and some berries. Next week...less fruit!

But wait! There were a few sneaky little devils that snuck their way onto my plate...No.....not chocolate (I wish)...but something almost as good (??)! Sneaky Devil no 1.: dandelion greens (no photo, sorry). These buggers are plenty bitter, but are also plenty good for you, and your liver (and according to my holistic health practitioner, my liver and blood are "weak" as a result of the pill) bring on the bitter greens! Sneaky Devil no.2: Pea Shoots! I randomly picked these up at the grocery store, and sure am glad about it! They taste just like crisp peas! mmmmm. Great steamed for just a few moments!

In other news, I spoke to my acupuncturist about my "health plan" for the next month, and we decided that according to my current body imbalances, perhaps instead of a week of only brown rice, I might do a week of steamed veggies, with a bit of a liver cleanse each morning. I'll post more about this in the next few days!

I have been really really low energy this week, and i'm definitely convinced it is partly due to the new moon! In the Ashtanga yoga tradition, we don't practice on moondays (full or new moon). The reasoning is that because our bodies are made up of such a large percentage of water, we are affected my the moon cycle just like the tides! On new moons, our energy is downward moving. We might feel more grounded, and just generally a little bit less active. New moons are great days to work on hip-openers! On full moons, we don't practice because we have TOO much energy. Everything is upward flowing, and we are more likely to injure ourselves. Just ask any nurse...full moons are when people go crazy! And it is best to practice yoga when we are slightly less crazy, and slightly more balanced :)

And why the title, "Pea Shoots, New moons, and SNOW! Oh my!" you ask?? Well because I live in Canada (arctic wasteland), where it SNOWS on April 23rd! Wow. I was just getting used to throwing on a skirt on the way out the door to it was back to scarves and mittens. Oh well! I guess there are worse things than snow in April, right? Does it ever snow in April where you are from??