Bunnies and Grapefruits

Today is friday! Which is always good. It was especially good because I woke up to some seriously cute fuzzy monsters outside. I love these bunnies, they bring me such joy!! And I especially love how they just perch like chickens, each with their own tree.

I'm working on an "about me" or a "my story" section (coming soon!), because that is always one of my favourite sections to read on other blogs! It is always nice to know where people come from, what motivates them to do the things they do (yoga?) and eat the things they eat (macrobiotics, almond butter, oats, cheese, whatever!). So, if you're snoopy, or rather, interested, like I am, and like to get to know people, don't worry: I will hopefully have mine up soon. If not a section, then just a post for now.

This week has been pretty low key. Not too many things to do, but just enough so that I wasn't bored out of my mind. I'm reading Siddhartha, by Herman Hesse right now, and I just can't put it down. So lovely!

Today I woke up a bit early, had a cup of green tea, and some of my "quickest oats ever" in a mug with a bit of cocoa before practice. Then I came home and had a real bowl of oatbran / oats to round out the morning. I finished off my oatbran just in time, because this Sunday i'm going to start a one month (at least) "cleanse" (I hate that word), which I'll talk about more soon! I ran some errands (bank etc.), and had a lovely tea with my momma, and am back now. Tea is always wonderful, no matter what type you choose. I had yerba mate today :)

Some eats from the past few days (nothing new):

Looks like I ate some oatbran / oats (probably with a bit of coconut butter!)

And a typical macrobiotic meal (no surprise there):

And some more oats/oatbran with pear and flax this time! oooh!

And I tried the BUTTERCUP squash (see below photo). Even though it was local, and fresh from the farmer's market, it was a let down. I'm with you maggie! buttercup just isn't as good! Sorry kabocha, you are my true lover, I will never turn my back to you again! I just found the buttercup too watery, or something, and it just didn't have the lovely creamy richness of kabocha.

I have been on a grapefruit kick this week (I have been having one before practice each morning). I love grapefruits---they just make me feel so fresh and alive! BUT, bad news is that they really seem to dry out my skin. I don't usually have eczema, but whenever I eat citrus, or corn, I get it a little bit on my face. Nothing too serious, but enough to be slightly annoying. I'm not sure if grapefruits count as "tropical" fruit according to macrobiotics. I think they're anycase, they definitely don't grow here in Canada, so they aren't local, and for that reason according to macrobiotics, I probably shouldn't be eating them. I though, can think for myself, and am not glued to macrobiotics. I make my own decisions! Hence grapefruit week!

Although, I must say: I do always feel like my whole system is a bit "weaker" after a few days of eating grapefruits. My throat was sore yesterday and today, and I feel just kind of run down, and although it's just a hunch, maybe I shouldn't be indulging in quite so many grapefruits...and let the eczema speak for itself? Perhaps just one grapefruit a week, and not one a day? Haha...the foods I love, I love to death. It takes a lot for me to get sick of something.

Well, I'm wishing you all a great weekend!! Hopefully it is filled with love, sunshine, yoga, and delicious eats! I don't have much planned, except some long overdue spring cleaning, some organizing, and hopefully getting outside as much as possible. Let this cute little fuzzy bunny be the bringer of a great weekend for all! Anyone else love bunnies (okay okay, they are wild hares) as much as I do?