Just Get Outside Already

It is very hard to get motivated to do anything these days, with the weather changing from warm to cold in a matter of minutes (or so it seems!). I have been finding it very difficult to roll out of bed and out the door for my morning yoga practice. This is very disheartening, when I know that yoga brings me true joy, and I have always managed to have a very dedicated practice. When the alarm goes off, all I have is more sleep on my mind! I'm not sure what the cure is for this yet, but once I figure it out i'll pass it on. So far, I just know that forcing myself out the door and making it to the studio always ends up being the right choice. If you need an extra quick pick me up, down a cup of green tea, or a square of dark chocolate (eeek how horribly un-macrobiotic of me!) on the way out the door. So if you're suffering from the same lack-of-motivation bug, just get outside, smell the fresh air, and do something. I promise you that you won't regret it--especially if you're going to yoga!